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Switch/Delta/Solo Debit Card Betting

You can open a Robinsons account immediately. If you have any of the above cards just call free phone  0808   100 2031 to register.

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You will be asked your name as on the card, the card number, expiry date, issue number (if appropriate) and card type. We will then need your card billing address and also a contact phone number (all details kept in strict confidence).
There are several ways you can use your card :-

1) Place a bet and have total amount debited from your card. When the bet has finished the returns put back on your card. End of Transaction (minimum transaction 5).

2) Same as above but any winnings can be kept on account to be used on a later event that day or for a later date. You can request for part or all monies left to be put back on your card at any time.

3) Deposit an agreed amount (set at the time of phone call) and bet with no minimum stake. You choose from 5 to 500 (amounts over deposit can be switched back to your card)

All above transactions are governed by the normal bank transaction.

Account Betting Without A Card

You can apply for an account with us. Just contact us for an application form.

Free Phone: 0808 100 2031Email :